Announcing my first project soon

So, it is finally happening! I will be announcing my first real project: Project Actium. I have a 48-hour hackaton planned very soon, and that is an excellent excuse to give the project shape. Actium is a Windows game with unusual gameplay and a unique setting. I will announce it during the #IndieDevHour on wednesday the 13th of July on Twitter and, and share some artwork and info.

Edit: The announcement has been moved a week, to 20th of June.

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New website

Figured I badly needed to refresh my website. As I am actively working on two projects now, I will be using my website more often. I have chosen this simple and clean look, which will do for now.

Enough talk, time to get back to programming!

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New project

Today was a good day 😀

I joined a meeting with a few other creative minds, and together we have decided to start working on a new project: Project Texas!

What? You want more details? Nice try!

We just had our first brainstorm session! There are no details yet… All we know is that it is going to be a huge project, so stay tuned!

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Games I developed in the past – Part 1

I have been interested in game development for a very long time now. Since I was a kid, even. Back in 2001, I discovered this amazing app named Game Maker, and started creating some crazy stuff. It saddens me to say that most of the things I made did not survive until this day. Well, maybe it is a good thing, thinking of their quality…

Anyway, there are some projects I worked on that I would like to share with you all. Today, it is “Mega Maze”.

Mega Maze

What’s in a name, right? Mega Maze was one of my first experiments with Game Maker. Even though it was a simple game, it taught me the basics of level design and engaging elements. It was nothing but a simple maze game where you have to find your way to the exit, and overcome a few obstacles. Fun to create, boring to play… I decided to make a remake in 2008, but never gotten to finish it, and put the unfinished version on (oh please, DON’T look for it!).


Although the game was not very creative and advanced, I learned a big deal about level design, variables and other basic stuff. So in short: Always remember your earliest projects, no matter how ugly they are!

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